4 Stan Road, Sandton

The 4 Stan Road development is a new boutique office development in the heart of Sandton located at No. 4 Stan Road, Sandown, Sandton.

The building has two distinct aspects in relation to its context. The west façade facing Stan Road appears to be a solid wall made up of huge full height fins with thin slivers of south-facing glazing between them. In contrast, the north façade with the expansive views towards Bryanston is a shaded fully glazed unitized performance façade.

Above ground parking is provided with a podium created 5 floors above the street with a landscaped deck onto which the 4 storey offices look. This deck creates a sanctuary for the users to break away and enables the office building to stand back from the boundary. The offices are in a loosely triangular shape, providing north light and avoiding the sense of being crowded by the surrounding buildings.